About Us

Randall Brackett Fire Truck Sales and Service understands that completing a sale is not the end of our service relationship with our customers. While at the time of purchase you are probably not thinking about future servicing on your new equipment, and certainly hoping you won’t need it, service issues will come up. That is why we believe that our role as a dealer of fire service equipment does not end at a sale, but continues as we provide products and services for the equipment you are now using. Our highly trained and certified staff are technicians that are ready at any time to use their expertise to help with your problems, should you have them.

Randall Brackett Fire Truck Sales and Service has worked tirelessly to recreate your expectations of what it means to receive service for your fire equipment. We are sure to maintain the standards our customers have grown accustomed to by adhering to out Six-Part Service Philosophy.

Our Philosophy:

1. To only employ technicians who are the best in their field
2. Maintain a diverse and extensive parts inventory, to minimize downtime
3. Provide Mobile Servicing options for optimal customer convenience
4. Monitor Emergency Service number 24/7
5. Provide convenient reminders to customers informing then when services are coming due by phone or postcard
6. Keep detailed records of all servicing information to have a thorough history whenever a client requests it.

If you are not yet a Randall Brackett Fire Truck Sales and Service customer and have experienced service providers who do not live up to the standards set, or you are looking for a service dealer, we hope that you will give us a chance to turn you into a life-long customer. For free advice or a quote, give a member of our professional staff a phone call today!

Authorized HME service & sales.