Fire Truck Repair


Our Atlanta-based facility is proud to serve all fire and rescue organizations with our unparalleled response rates and support. Randall Brackett Fire Truck Repair employs a team of experts who are up to date with NFPA standards. Our EVT certified mechanics are available at any time of day and are capable of fire truck repair of any fire apparatus. With an extensive inventory of on-demand parts, our expert team can get your truck back to you in record time, ensuring that it is ready to respond to the next call.


All Makes, All Models


Randall Brackett Fire Truck Repair carries a broad range of chassis, and are capable of maintenance of all types of fire pumps and aerial ladders. Our large facility ensures that we have the room to do any repair or installation that comes our way.


Service for your Mobile Apparatus


For your fleet to be ready, your mobile units must be running efficiently. Whether you need assistance with warranty work, scheduled preventative maintenance and regular repairs you can rest assured that our team is ready to fill the need. With competitive pricing on all parts and services, there is no reason to not trust our expert team.




It is not always necessary to replace broken parts with new. Refurbishing tired parts can bring a pumper, rescue, aerial or tanker several more years of function at a significantly reduced expense. Our upgrades and repairs are always made to meet your specific needs.


Next time you need fire truck repair, call on the expert team of Randall Brackett Fire Truck Repair. We are looking forward to helping you with your repair needs.